<i>Sounds of Unridden Waves</i>
  • Copyright © 2021–2022 The Ghosts of Nothing


Sounds of Unridden Waves

A moving image artwork by
The Ghosts of Nothing
A feature-length surf film with no human surfers
Set to an epic original soundtrack
An immersive experience of a future once passed
A hypnotic psychedelic dream
A celebration of the eternal spirit of surfing
An elegy for the oceans of the world

Sounds of Unridden Waves | Trailer


Duration: 76 min (cinema version), 70 min (installation version)
Produced and created: The Ghosts of Nothing (aka Sean Lowry & Ilmar Taimre)
Original soundtrack: The Ghosts of Nothing
Video editing, remix, abstractions & animations: Ilmar Taimre
Audio mixing & sound design: Sean Lowry
Filmed on location in: Australia, Bali, Fiji, Hawaii, Iceland, Ireland, Portugal, Tahiti
Principal cinematographers: Greg Huglin (5K), Simone Douglas (HD)
Other cinematographers: Ashley Beer, Albert Falzon, Ishka Folkwell, Jon Frank, Phillip George, Nathan Henshaw, Nathan Oldfield, Monty Webber

Upcoming Exhibition

Sounds of Unridden Waves will be featured in the
Liquid Mountains Exhibition
Bondi Pavilion
10 December 2022 to 29 January 2023
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